Pictures of ELGON-bees
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01 - A small dark Elgon bee 
02 - Cleansing fight after winter April 11, 2006. No flying since late October 2005. 
03 - The making of new queens started in late May.
04 - Splits are made from May/June with a couple of broodframes, a frame of food, some extra bees,
a couple of foundations and a package of Apifonda (sugar dough). The split is moved to a nuc apiary in
the middle of a good Elgon area. A ripe queencell is given a couple of days later.

05 - Splitmaker Stig Ake Gerdvall in front of a load of splits ready to me moved to a nuc apiary. 
06 - A split that has grown to a good colony ready to be wintered in late August. Two 12-frame Shallow boxes. 
07 - Monster colony in beginning of July. None of the two swarmed. 
08 - Colonies in beginning of July in another apiary. Both of these colonies shifted their queens on their own without swarming.

09 - Colonies in a third apiary in beginning of July. None of these swarmed.
10 - During the most intensive period a couple of students helped me extracting.
11 - Another beekeeper's Elgon colonies in beginning of July not too far from my Elgon area
12 - Elgon beekeeper Thore Harnkloo.

The first pollen of spring 2006. These bees got it April 19, in Stockholm,
probably from Tussilago farfara. The bees are in this case born in cells of 4.9 mm cellsize.

28 april 2006

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