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Bees Biting Mites Video.
My article in Bee Culture, June 2008 
My article in Bee Culture, June 2008 as PDF.
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Analysis of small cell test design.

Back to the future to common beekeeping (almost) 
Marianne and Sven-Olof Ohlsson, Österbotten, Finland 2005-2006
Marianne and Sven-Olof Ohlsson, Munsala, Österbotten, Finland 2002-2004

Video with Elgon maj 2005.

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About ELGON-bees

A common color of the queen is leather brown,
but both lighter and darker colored queens exist.
The color of the worker bees vary too.
Even if the color of the Monticola bee is dark and
some selection is done towards the darker side it
is other traits that are more important to select on.

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Therefore the color is not so important and lighter varieties are present too.

Elgon bees are bees that are easy to handle,
collect a good crop of honey and bred for resistance to diseases and parasites.
It is a successful combination between the Buckfast bee, Monticola bees and Sahariensis bees.

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