The wing of a queen is clipped.


It is a pleasure to breed queens as the bees have such a good temper. The queen is marked routinely and the outer part of one of the wings is clipped. This is done partly to prohibit that the queens take to the wings when you are handling her. Such happens. The white dot makes her easy to spot among the thousands of bees in the bee colony when you are looking for her. And the little piece of the wing that is clipped away gives you assurance it is the queen you introduced in the hive. Are both wings not clipped you know that the bees have made themselves a new queen. Sometimes the bees succed in rubbing the white dot away. White color is used every year as it is the easiest color to spot. You don’t need to use different color for different years. Somewhere you have a note telling at least which year you introduced the new queen.

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